The 10 most bizarre beauty treatments that may just work


People who worship physical beauty know that in the struggle for the perfect body, just like in love and war, everything's fair. Some beauty products contain ingredients that are very different from the natural stuffs allegedly included in them, like the traditional rose-hip and almond milk. And out of those, there are some even scarier than botulin (basically a minimal dose of the toxin that causes botulism) and hyaluronate (a mildly potent acid that gets injected directly under the skin). Let's take a look at the most bizarre things people get on, under and through their skins just to look prettier!

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Eyebrow and lip tattoos

People with tattoos know how painful getting them can be. Those who have several also know that some parts of the body are more sensitive than others to the needle's sting. The face is one of those areas: it's one of the most sensitive parts of the body because it is densely packed with nerve endings. And it's precisely there where people want to look nicer. Some are willing to have their eyebrows outlined with ink or their lips permanently made up with coloured ink. While those may last forever, the end results don't always look natural ...

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Haemorrhoid cream

Actresses and models are constantly hunting for the most effective beauty treatments. And it's understandable for them to do so, since their careers depend on their looks. But some are more daring than others. Take Sandra Bullock as an example. She doesn't look a day older in the 2013 science fiction film "Gravity" than she did in "Speed," filmed 19 years before. What's her secret, you ask? Haemorrhoid cream. Yes, every day after waking up, Sandra Bullock spreads the same thick paste on her face other people use for their you-know-what...

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Frozen facial masks

Instead of trying to age gracefully, some women -like the actress Sienna Miller- prefer to undergo torture sessions. Miller herself confirmed that the experience of getting frozen facial masks is extremely intense: "They freeze your face and it makes you feel like your brain is about to explode out of the top of your head ... But you look wonderful afterwards."

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Built-in heels to grow taller

This treatment proves how far some would go to add a couple of centimetres (or inches) to their heights. They are willing to take extremely painful injections on their heels just to stand a bit taller. Not only is the sting painful (like the face, the soles of your feet are pretty sensitive, that's the reason you feel ticklish), but once the fluid is beneath their skins, patients need to avoid stepping at all before it solidifies. And once it does, they need to accommodate to their new height, acquiring postures that aren't precisely natural.

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Caviare facial masks

Many Hollywood stars choose caviare facial treatments because it allegedly brightens up the skin. That's thought to happen due to the fish oil that covers the eggs (that's what caviare is, by the way ... yes, fish eggs). In addition to that, caviare is said to be a great remedy for stretch marks. And as a treatment, it's as unbelievable as it is expensive.

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Nightingale droppings

Without a doubt, using nightingale droppings (yes, birds' shit) is among the strangest beauty treatments we've ever heard of. But there are more creams out there that use it as an ingredient than you'd expect - just google Geisha Facial or Facial Nightingale Poo. The factoid behind its use is that it reduces wrinkles and gives the skin a healthy tone. And some celebrities have even vouched for it, with Victoria Beckham being the most relevant among them.

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Leeches for the skin

Demi Moore is probably the most famous person who submitted to this kind of mediaeval torture to look better. This so-called treatment consists in letting these worms suck on the patient's blood ... hoping that by doing so, their skin will look radiant. Or something along those lines. And while the star of films like "Ghost" and "Striptease" keeps looking as good as ever, we choose to remain sceptical about letting leeches drain blood from our faces.

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Blood transfusions

These method promises to keep the patient's face looking youthful. In addition to being rather strange, in the same way vampires are strange, it's reportedly very painful. While the blood is the patient's own, it's drawn from their arm, just like a regular extraction, and then injected on their faces following the principles of acupuncture. Kim Kardashian, for example, is an avid user of these "vampire facial treatments."

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Exfoliating carnivorous fish

This one's all the rage right now among celebrities. It's used specifically for the feet - nobody, no matter how crazy, would dunk their face in a bucket full of piranhas. These little and angry-looking pedicures eat the dead cells on the patient's feet away and leave the skin as soft as a newborn baby's. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved: the little fish get a full meal and people who like spending money in beauty treatments of questionable reputation walk away feeling they did something for their looks.

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Snake's poison

Creams made with the poison of these creepy crawlers promise to leave the skin soft and hydrated, in addition to reducing wrinkles by blocking the neurotransmitters that command facial muscles to contract. Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan of these kind of treatment. Others, like Kate Middleton, choose other kinds of poison, like that of bees' stings, which, in addition to stimulating cellular metabolism, reduces rosacea.

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