Beating the recession: The world's rarest jobs


Traditional professions include jobs such as accountant, teacher, doctor or bus driver. However, in an ever changing job market there are also some very strange and unusual professions. Indeed, you will not be able to believe that some of the following jobs actually exist. Read this slideshow if you want to find out some of the weirdest ways of making a living.

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Bedtime story reader

If you yearn for the days when you would nod off whist being read a bedtime story, then you should head to London. One chain of hotels in the capital has employed a bedtime story reader for its guests. The employee comes to your room and reads to you until you are ready to go off to the land of dreams.

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Dog food taster

For most people, the thought of having to eat dog food would make them feel sick. However, there are actually a group of professionals who are responsible for checking the taste of man’s best friend’s food. They test all of the dishes that are brought out by their dog food company to measure certain characteristics such as consistency, taste, and texture. There are also testers for other types of pet food.

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Doll doctor

There are a number of professionals who dedicate themselves to restoring and repairing dolls. Indeed, the Doll Doctor’s Association in the United States lists more than 150 “doll hospitals” where you can send your doll to be fixed if it has lost an arm or an eye. These professionals are skilled at repairing both antique and modern dolls.

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Fairy Godmother

This profession exists at a luxury hotel in the United States. The Barnsley Gardens resort in Georgia employs a fairy godmother to create “wow moments” for its guests. You can add a little bit of magic to your stay by hiring the fairy godmother to cover your bed in rose petals or fill your room with balloons. All you have to do to hire her is call or send her an email.

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Coconut inspector

You might think that this job would involve examining the flavour and texture of coconuts before they are sold as food. However, professionals who dedicate themselves to this task actually inspect palm trees in coastal areas to monitor the maturity of coconuts in order to prevent them from falling on people and cars.

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Human bed warmer

For those who are constantly travelling there is nothing better than a nice warm bed at the end of the day. Several hotels across the world employ bed warmers who will warm your bed moments before you want to go to sleep.

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Bad breath tester

Chewing gum companies employ bad breath testers in a bid to beat their rivals in a very competitive market. The tester is tasked with smelling the breath of men and women after they have eaten food, such as onion, garlic or fish, which leaves an unpleasant smell. They rate the smell from 1 to 9 depending on its potency. They then test the volunteer’s breath again after they have consumed some chewing gum and note down a second rating.

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Dice inspector

These professionals are often hired by casinos around the world to check that the dice they are using at their tables meet specified requirements. The dice inspector will examine the angles and weight of each die and check that it has the correct number of pips. They also verify that it can be thrown without any problems.

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Snow researcher

Believe it or not, there are professionals who study the characteristics of snow. They are responsible for collecting snow crystals around the world to determine the effects of pollution in places where the soil remains covered for most of the year.

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Serviette sniffer

Firms which sell serviettes aim to provide a product that is odourless. For this reason, they employ people to smell their serviettes before they are sent to customers. The sniffer gives an assessment of the serviette and if any smells are found the company will make adjustments to its production process.

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