The 10 most in demand jobs of the future


The needs of the workplace are constantly changing. They adapt to world realities and set new trends in university courses. As much as there are statistics and studies of the labour market, there is also the unpredictable event that can change everything. A scientific discovery or a sharp change in society can rapidly alter the way the job market looks. However, there are trends with solid roots that we can use as a rough guide to the jobs that will be needed in the future.

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The possibilities and ramifications of advances in genetics appear limitless. Those who understand the language of genes will be able to apply their knowledge in a wide range of fields of human activity. These include: health, security, industry, agriculture and livestock, as well as many more.

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Environmental engineering

The protection of the environment has gone from being a fad to a necessity, and this is reflected in the demand for professionals that specialise in the issue. Industry has to comply with ever stricter environmental standards. The use of renewable sources of energy has also increased, together with the installation of recycling centres, waste treatment and the care of non-renewable resources.

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Psychology and mental health

Mental health has increasingly become an essential component of comprehensive health care in the developed world. Although the stigma of mental health is still to be broken down in some societies, its eventual integration is inevitable. Addiction, stress-related problems, learning difficulties, phobias and a long list of other mental health issues require the continuous training of specialist to deliver solutions to modern societies.

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Food science

The human race requires a constant and efficient production of food. The problems faced by agriculture and livestock production constantly demand new solutions. Scientists and technicians who specialise in these areas are therefore in great demand. The food industry uses experts in microbiology, biotechnology, genetics, chemistry, nutrition and all other areas that can provide it with knowledge to continue developing.

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Software engineering

It goes without saying that computer science is currently one of the world’s big job providers. Within all of its specialist fields, one of the most indispensable is the development and maintenance of computer programs. Applications created by software developers are used in all economic activities and therefore it is a job that holds a crucial position in the functioning of society.

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Information security

Information security is another field of computing where there is a great demand for experts. In the modern world, information is highly valued and a great deal of it is now digitally archived. Specialists in information security not only protect personal and business data but they also prevent cyber attacks on websites and databases.

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Health is a basic concern of mankind. All activities connected to health have become complex and require constant training. However, it is an employment area that provides high salaries and a great deal of employment opportunities. This demand is not limited to doctors and surgeons as it also applies to nurses and staff trained to deal with specialist equipment.

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Translators and interpreters

Information technology and improved transport links have made the world a smaller place, while at the same time, many companies have also transformed themselves into global corporations. These changes mean that translators and interpreters are very much in demand for all types of work. Those who acquire knowledge of more than two languages have a significant advantage in the job market. The same goes for those who can offer hard-to-come-by services such as translations from Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

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Computer engineering

Earlier we talked about software developers, however, there is also another field within computing that continues to grow year by year and that is engineering and robotics. Besides knowledge of software, computer engineers need to have the ability to apply their skills to the development of hardware, electrical goods, industrial robots and an ever increasing number of products and services.

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Civil engineering

Civil engineers are responsible for incorporating a wide range of concerns into the infrastructure works that shape out cities and towns. Among other issues, they have to take account of technological advances, ecological and economic values and changes in the world of design. Bridges, motorways, ports, airports, skyscrapers, housing estates and all structures through which humanity moves require the skills of trained engineers.

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