Trampoline Techniques

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Using a trampoline is a fun method of recreation and exercise. You can set one up one in your backyard or you can go to a gym that offers trampoline exercises. Always follow the safety rules while using a trampoline. In order to be safe and execute proper trampolining, you need to learn basic moves as well as safety measures that ensure anyone trampolining in your family can have a safe and fun experience.

Proper Posture

Whether you want to use the trampoline for recreation or exercise, executing the proper take-off is necessary to ensure safety. You can do this by straightening up your body and raising your hands as high as you can with your arms covering your ears. To make sure you are doing this properly, stand against a wall while you are stretching your hands to ensure that your body is straight. Do this exercise before jumping on a trampoline. This straight take-off will ensure that you will drop on the same space on the trampoline where you have taken off, reducing the risk of any injury by mistakenly dropping somewhere else.

Basic Techniques

Bend your knees a little while taking off. When you are about to go down, place your arms on your sides again, repeating the process of raising and lowering your arms while jumping and landing. During mid-jump, keep your legs and arms as straight as you can in order to balance your jump. Once you are done mastering basic jumping, you will be able to attempt other techniques.

Exercising Techniques

Once a person is capable of jumping properly, several routines can be learnt. The first and the easiest is the jump and tuck routine. During midflight -- before you reach the highest point of your jump -- tuck your legs in until your knees are touching your chest, then put your arms around your legs. When you are about to go down, stretch your legs and assume the basic landing posture with your hands on your sides.

Another easy technique is twisting. Follow the basic jumping and landing technique and make a 180-degree turn to face the other side of the trampoline, remember to keep your body straight as you fall down and aim for the same spot where you have landed.


Stopping is a crucial technique that you have to learn to be safe. When you are about to stop, make a last jump and bend your knees in a kneeling position when you are about to come in contact with the trampoline. Keep your extended arms straight in front of you to balance your body. If you do this correctly, your legs and bottom will absorb the bounce, allowing you to land safely.

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