Lost Coin Activities

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The lost coin parable is told by Jesus in the New Testament in the book of Luke Chapter 15, verse two to ten. It describes an old woman who loses a coin and her frantic attempts to find it using all methods. The parable reflects God's desire to keep all of his people close to him.

Using activities to teach this parable can help it stick out in the minds of your Biblical students, young and old.

Coin Crafts

Lost coin crafts can help younger kids understand the lost coin parable through example. Read the parable to the kids and then hand out tin foil and small, coin shaped pieces of wood. The kids wrap the wooden coins with the foil and use pens to draw a picture of themselves on one side of the coin. The other side can be decorated any way they like. Once the children are done, ask them how much they like their coin and how they would feel if they lost it. After they answer, tell them this is how much God loves them and how he would feel if he lost them.

Word Mining

Word mining is an activity where you take a word or phrase and attempt to find as many words as you can out of that phrase. This activity can be used for young and older Biblical students. Write down a phrase that relates to the lost coin parable on the board. For example, write "Jesus's lost coin parable helps illustrate how dearly God loves every single one of his children around the world, from the worst sinner to the saintliest person." You may also wish to use the parable itself for the word mining. Give the class 15 to 20 minutes to find as many words as possible. The words should try to illustrate how the parable makes the person feel. Have each student share their words with the class.

Search for the Lost Coin

This activity can help your students understand how God feels when he has lost one of his children. Before your students show up, hide a series of coins throughout the classroom in inconspicuous places. Each coin should have the name of one student written on the side. Read the parable to your students and then tell them they must find their coin hidden in the room. If they find another student's coin, they must put it back in place and keep looking for their own. Once all the students have found their coin, discuss how they felt as they searched for the coin. Make the coins chocolate for the younger students to give them more incentive to search.