Ways to Improve an Old Concrete Patio

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A patio is an extension of your home into the outdoors, serving as an outdoor living space. It's the ideal location to enjoy a barbecue, visit with friends and family or simply relax and take in nice weather.

If your old concrete patio's looks are less than desirable, spruce it up and make it an attractive space you'll enjoy.

Etched Lines

Use a circular saw to give your patio some character. Simply run a circular saw along the surface of the patio to create grooves in it -- you can create a pattern or make haphazard grooves. Once you're satisfied with the grooves, paint over the patio with an oil-, acid- or latex-based paint to make the pattern pop, enhancing the look of your patio.


Turn your old concrete patio into a canvas for artwork. Thoroughly clean the patio and allow it to dry. If you have an artistic side, use concrete paint to create a one-of-a-kind work of art on the patio. If art isn't your forte, purchase a stencil that features a pattern you like -- perhaps a fleur de lis or decorative scroll work. Use concrete paint to transfer the image of the stencil onto the patio. To prolong the life of the artwork, apply a concrete sealer over the patio.


Give your old, dingy concrete patio new life by resurfacing it. Covering the patio with a thin layer of new concrete and stamping a design in it can give it a completely new look. Resurfacing can give your patio the look of brick, terracotta, flagstone, slate or cobblestone without the expense of replacing the entire patio.


Revive an old concrete patio with stain. Since concrete is a porous material, it easily absorbs stain. The stain penetrates deeply into the surface, giving the concrete a rich colour. Acid-based stains absorb even deeper into the surface, providing a more attractive look for your patio. Choose a single colour and cover the entire patio with it, or create a colour block effect by painting blocks with two different coloured stains.


Resurface your existing patio with tile. Use brick tile, slate or even glass mosaic tile and install it over your old patio. This method may be more costly than resurfacing with stamped concrete, but it gives the patio an authentic look that the stamping method comes close to achieving, but can't completely reach.