Safety rules for scissors

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Learning to use scissors is a skill that is generally taught to preschool-age children in either a home, day care or school setting.

Learning proper techniques for cutting is important for children; however, safety rules are equally important and should be taught as soon as a child is old enough to begin using scissors.

Where and When

Children should be aware of your expectations and rules regarding where and when scissors can be used. A young child should use scissors only when an adult is present. Additionally, insist that a child be sitting down at a table while using scissors to prevent accidents. If a circumstance arises when he must travel across a room with a pair of scissors, he should walk rather than run.

Safe Storage

Encourage your child to store scissors safely to prevent accidental cuts and pokes while retrieving them. For example, place scissors in a tall container with the point faced down; when the child reaches and takes hold of the scissors, she will grab the handle instead of the blade.

Passing to Others

Passing a pair of scissors to another person should be done so that the other person can hold onto the handle. To do this, show your child how to safely close the scissors, wrap his hands firmly around the closed blades and safely hand the tool to the other person.

Proper Use

Teach your child that scissors are a tool, not a toy. Stress the importance of using scissors only for cutting paper or another material that the parent or teacher provides. Scissors should not be used for sharpening pencils or prying objects open.