Problems With the Steering in a Honda Jazz

The Honda Jazz is a compact car that was first released in 2001. Known as the Honda Fit in North America, the Jazz is a five-door hatchback that seats five passengers. Owners of the Honda Jazz have registered a variety of complaints about different elements of the car's steering system on consumer websites.

Power Steering Issues

Some Honda Jazz owners have reported that when the vehicle is being driven straight, any small steering adjustments can cause the steering wheel to stick. The sticking steering wheel hinders the driver's ability to make small adjustments when the vehicle is being driven. Owners report that resetting the steering at a garage can fix the problem short term, but the entire steering rack normally must be replaced.

Steering Wheel Coating

Some Honda Jazz owners have reported that their steering wheels are too slick. The steering wheel in the Honda Jazz is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a material that reduces friction and wear. Some owners claim this coating makes the steering wheel difficult to grip and a firm grip must be applied. A cover can be applied to the wheel to remedy this problem.

Steering Wheel Response Time

Some Honda Jazz have reported that the car's steering system is not as responsive or sharp as it should be. In order to obtain the desired reaction from the Jazz, these drivers say they must apply a considerable amount of force and rotation on the steering wheel. When the vehicle is in reverse, the self-centring mechanism does not assist in correcting the unresponsive steering wheel.