Sunbed Alternatives

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Sunbeds are a popular way of getting that perfect tan many people crave. However, sunbeds are not always the best way to do so. It is proven that sunbeds are not much safer than natural sunlight. So, for that reason, there are safer and potentially cheaper alternatives to bronze up your skin.


Currently, there are no reported dangers from airbrushing. The method is simple; the customer must go to a spray booth to be airbrushed. The only concern is the risk of getting the chemical dihydroxyacetone in your eyes and mouth, so protective goggles and a mask need to be worn. Dihydroxyacetone is the chemical that gives the sprayed liquid the tanned look --- the more of the chemical in the solution, the darker the tan. The effects, however, do not last very long, so top-ups are regularly required.

Spray Tan

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The spray tan is a popular method used by many in store and at home. The emergence of the spray tan came about when people started to realise the dangers of the sun. There are countless versions of the do-it-yourself spray tan, but without the professional appliance, it is common for people to overdo it. The problems with spray tanning is the product can rub off onto clothes and, if applied incorrectly, can look blotchy. Nevertheless, it is far cheaper than the airbrush method.

Natural Sun

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Although the dangers are higher than the other options --- including sunbeds --- the sun will give your skin the most natural colour. From a health awareness point of view, the sun provides vitamins needed to survive, so exposure is essential. And, on hotter days, sun screen protection can dramatically decrease the risk of skin cancer. However, it is important to remember not to simply lie in the sun for hours on end unprotected. Too much exposure will do more harm than good. Simply being outside for short periods of the day, every day, can give your skin a natural glow.