Funny Nun Gifts

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Give a gift that makes fun of nuns. Whether you give these gifts to nuns themselves, Sunday school students, or people with non-religious affiliation; you are sure to get a chuckle. Making fun of nuns is a taboo subject.

Therefore, make sure you know very well before hand that the person receiving your gift has a great sense of humour. If the receiver of your gift is not open minded to joking around, pray for the best.

Nun Catapult

Even though the central theme of this gift is nun-related, a real nun might not find this gift too funny. This gift is more for Sunday school students. The gift is a hand held catapult which comes equipped with four small plastic figurines of nuns. Hook one of the figurines up to the catapult and send the nun flying across the room. This puts a new meaning to the term, "Flying Nun."

Trucker Hat

This trucker hat reads, "The World's Greatest Nun." First of all, any nun wearing a trucker hat is already a funny image. This gift allows a nun to show her soft side and that she indeed has a healthy sense of humour. If she wears this hat in public, she may well be the world's greatest nun.

Kiss Me I'm A Nun Mini Button

Give a small or big button to the nun in your life which reads, "Kiss Me I'm a Nun." The word "Kiss" is actually replaced by a kiss mark with red lipstick. A nun that wears this button proudly will show that she has a great sense of humour. Appreciate the irony of seeing a nun asking for a kiss.

Holy Smokes Sticker

This big rectangular sticker (measure 3 by 5 inches) has an animated image of a nun smoking a joint. Under the image, in big lettering, it reads, "Holy Smokes!" Wherever you decide to stick this, it is sure to receive some laughs and comments.