Traditional 50th birthday gifts

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Turning 50 doesn't signal an end to youth and vitality, but the person celebrating this milestone may need help remembering this fact. Fiftieth birthdays are usually celebrated by acknowledging the journey the person has taken while simultaneously gearing him up to do what he once thought was impossible. On this milestone, give birthday gifts that are well thought-out and memorable.


Collect memories from the years past in the form of letters, pictures, trinkets, postcards, newspaper clippings and other items that have been shoved into a drawer for years. Make use of these valuable memories by putting them in a professional scrapbook. Lay out each page with a few visual aids and short text about the event. Laminate the pages for safekeeping. Leave blank pages to encourage the birthday person to continue creating memorable moments.


Most people have a place in mind to which they'd like to travel but never make time to get the plans together. For a special 50th birthday present, purchase tickets to that special location. Purchase a guide book, suggest an itinerary of places to visit, and purchase plane tickets, nights in a hotel room, or whichever accommodations you can reasonably afford. If you can get multiple members of the family as well as friends in on this gift, you may be able to pay for the entire trip.

50 Things

Hitting the 50 mark makes some people rethink their goals, both accomplished and forgotten. If you are close to the birthday person, you most likely know what a few of those goals are. With the help of close family, come up with 50 things the birthday person has stated she would like to accomplish, from buying a motorcycle to singing on stage at a karaoke bar. Write each thing on a piece of paper, put them all in a lottery box, and instruct the birthday person to pick one piece of paper out of the box each weekend. She will have exactly one week to tackle that goal before she has to pick another option out of the box. This gift will keep the birthday person busy for months to come, constantly reminding her that her family supports her goals and dreams.

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