Christmas buffet dinner ideas

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Christmas dinner is a time to celebrate the holiday while connecting with family and friends. Informal Christmas dinners may involve a buffet style arrangement instead of plated meals. Create a dinner buffet menu complete with holiday foods that can be enjoyed slightly warm or at room temperature.

Use banquet serving ware to display each dish.

Rocket (arugula) and pear salad

Create a festive holiday salad with arugula, pears and dried cranberries. You can toss the salad in a light vinaigrette or place the dressing in a gravy dish next to the salad bowl. Salad is a suitable option for a Christmas buffet because it gives guests a break from heavy comfort foods and requires little maintenance once it is displayed. Set out the salad bowl, tongs and a few extra toppings in case guests want cheese or croutons. Skip the toppings if you are expecting a large number of children as the small topping bowls are easy to knock over.

Glazed chicken and beef skewers

Avoid carving a turkey by grilling your meat on skewers this Christmas and serving them with a honey glaze sauce. You can purchase prepared skewers raw from the meat department at your local grocery store. Alternatively, you can purchase frozen meat skewers and reheat them on the grill if you prefer minimal preparation. Skewers make it easy for guests to serve themselves by eliminating the need for tongs or flatware.

Gingerbread pudding

Present desserts in individual serving sizes on stations throughout your room. Fill clear plastic cups with chocolate pudding topped with a tiny gingerbread cookie. Choose a cookie in the actual shape of the gingerbread man for the best look. Hang a red and white candy cane over the side of the cup as a festive garnish.

Turkey and asiago meatballs

Meatballs are a classic party food since they are easy to serve and prepare. You can use ground turkey and asiago cheese to create a delicious tray of meatballs to supplement your main holiday meat. Stick red and green toothpicks in each meatball for easy retrieval.