The fastest-growing climbing roses

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Roses are frequently planted along walls and fences as well as in bare sections of gardens. For those who are in a hurry to see the blooms, certain roses are available that grow and climb faster than others. Many of the quick climbers are also considered among the most beautiful roses.

New Dawn

New Dawn is a climbing rose that grows quickly and reaches heights between 3 and 4.6 m (10 and 15 feet). Its blooms are full and come in shades of pink that become a cream colour in time. It does well in the cooler parts of the country, but not in areas with extreme cold. It is best to give it plenty of room to grow because it also spreads outwards. To achieve its full bloom, it needs plenty of sun and water, although it will tolerate partial shade.


The Blaze rose climbs rapidly and produces a large number of spectacular bright red flowers. It is grown throughout the country, and can adapt to both hot and cold climates. It produces double blooms 10 to 15 cm (2 to 3 inches) in size that appear in large clusters on strong canes. It is generally resistant to diseases and plants. It continually flowers from the early part of the summer until the fall. It also requires minimal care. Blaze roses are a good choice for structures such as walls, fences and trellises.

Ramblin' Red

Ramblin' Red is known for its fast growth. It forms thick blooms of deep red-cupped flowers and can reach heights of up to 3 m (10 feet). It is often found along walls and trellises. It is generally resistant to drought and requires little maintenance, making it a common choice for beginning gardeners. It can withstand cold and thrives best with a lot of sun. Its canes are easy to train, which is why it's often found along a trellis. It first blooms in the spring and continues to do so until the autumn months.