Tools for Cleaning Corrugated Roofing

Homes, commercial properties and industrial buildings can have corrugated roof structures, which need cleaning from time to time. Wear and tear, build-up of organic matter, pollution and carbon deposits can all affect the cleanliness of corrugated metal roofing, according to industry experts.

(See Reference 1) You can achieve effective results by using the correct tools, which meet environmental standards, restore the look of the building and stop the fascia from looking tired and neglected.

Remote Pressure Washer

Remote cleaning is a skilled process using rotary cleaning heads and high-pressure water jets. You should collect the filter run-off and dispose of it in an environmentally safe and effective way, particularly if the roof contains any asbestos.

Low Pressure Surface Biocides

Surface biocides can be applied using low-pressure water jets or sprays, which effectively coat the roof in equal quantities. (See Reference 2) The biocides are left to kill off any algae, lichen, moss or other natural contaminants that reduce the cleanliness of corrugated roofs. This is an especially effective technique for corrugated surfaces because it gets into the gaps and dips in the undulating metal, ensuring the moss and lichens are removed from all areas, not just the top edges.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH)

According to John R White, roof cleaning specialists, sodium hydroxide is one of the best chemicals to apply to roofs that need cleaning. (See Reference 3) It restores the roof colour after treatment but does need thorough rinsing. Making your own chemical cleaning agents is more costly and therefore not time-efficient.

Patent Pending Pitch Witch

The patent-pending (as of November 2010) Pitch Witch is a telescopic wand tool that attaches to a pressure washer to clean steep roofs safely and effectively from the ground. (See Reference 4) The Pitch Witch component of the tool fixes onto the quick coupler at the end of the telescopic wand and rolls effortlessly along the surface of the corrugated roof, removing unsightly streaks caused by, for example, saprophytic fungi. Although this product would work most effectively on a flat roof, you can use it in conjunction with corrugated-specific roof cleaning tools for professional results.

Jeyes Fluid or Path Cleaner

PVC-corrugated roofs with a slope of approximately 1 in 15 get covered in algae and moss. Sometimes a power wash or a manual scrape and detergent application are not enough. A dilute solution of Jeyes Fluid applied with a soft brush could be the solution you are looking for in this case. (See Reference 5) Failing that approach, a dilute path cleaner may work, but these products are toxic to some animals, so apply them carefully.