Silver Holloware Gift Ideas

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Silver holloware is traditionally given as a 16th wedding anniversary gift. Silver hollow is silver or silver-plated metal containers, most commonly used as serving dishes on your dinner table.

Silver holloware can also be used simply as decorative elements in your home and many antique pieces have become collectors items. Serving dishes include soup tureens, serving bowls, gravy boats, pitchers and tea sets. Decorative items include vases, key or candy dishes and candlesticks.


If you are looking for a romantic silver holloware gift, candlesticks can be an elegant functional option. Finding antique holloware is becoming increasingly difficult as more families are passing on pieces to future generations rather than selling them, so hunting for an antique piece in pristine condition may be difficult. If you already own silver holloware pieces, do not worry about finding an exact match in design. Most holloware piece designs are considered universally compatible, according to Abe Silverman's Antique Silver Shop.

Tea Set

If your wife enjoys tea and hosts brunches or afternoon tea for her friends, a charming silver holloware tea set will add elegance to her simple gathering. When looking for a tea set you can either try to find a complete set, including serving tray, creamer, sugar dish and tea pot, or you can try to find individual pieces and build your own tea set.

Wine Cooler

If you and your wife enjoy throwing dinner parties or just love wine, a wine cooler can make you feel like you are dining at a five star restaurant at home. A wine cooler is a deep silver bucket that you can fill with ice to chill your wine while you dine. Sit it on a side table or on the dining table while you eat to add a hint of glimmer to the table, creating a feeling of elegance. Many silver holloware wine coolers can be very plain on the main body with more ornate handles.