Decorating ideas for a curved wall

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A somewhat unusual architectural feature, curved walls are aesthetically interesting yet challenging to decorate around. In a world where most furniture and wall hangings are designed to be pressed flat against straight walls, the curve can be an unwanted distraction in some contexts. Compensate for these difficulty through the creative use of smaller and more flexible hangings, furniture alterations and colour choices.

Thin Hangings

Trim a large, curved wall using decorative wall hangings that are tall and thin and of which you have many. Depending on your personal tastes and interests, this may include items like collections of crosses or weapons, stick-like decorative pieces (often found in import stores), or tall rectangular photo frames. Position the objects in a staggering, irregular configuration across the wall, placing them at different heights.


Cloth tapestries made up of geometric patterns, rather than images, will complement a curved wall while conforming to its shape. Look for patterned large, but lightweight, tapestries at import stores, and hang using tacks or small nails. Alternately, decorate the wall with a series of long, thin cloth runners hung vertically, which can be placed end to end or with space between them as you prefer.

Small Shelves

Decorate the curved wall with a series of staggered miniature shelves, each one between 5 and 8 inches in length. Short shelves such as these will conform to the shape of a gently curving wall even if their edges are straight and rectangular. Place a small keepsake or decoration on each of the shelves, whether the decorations or unrelated or you use these technique to display a collection of objects.

Curved Table

If you want to utilise the curved wall space as an area to position a large piece of furniture as well as wall hangings, fill the space with a long table. A simple wooden table can easily be custom made or altered to have one edge conform to the shape of the wall. If doing this yourself, trim a large piece of butcher paper to conform to the bottom edge of the wall, and use this as a negative pattern to trim the edge of the table using a router attachment.


If you're looking to minimise the appearance of the size or curve of the wall, paint it a dark colour. Alternately, use a texturing method, such as stucco or paint texturing, to give the wall dark dimensions and minimise the appearance of size, which will create a more subtle curve within the room.

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