Cute Things to Do for Your Girlfriend's Birthday

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If your girlfriend appreciates sweet thoughts and gestures, her birthday is the perfect time to give her something cute. Whether it's a nice gift that reflects her personal style and interests or a cute gesture that shows how much you care, the important factor is that it is entirely about her.

Plan a Picnic

Take your girlfriend on a romantic afternoon picnic to celebrate her birthday. Prepare some of her favourite foods, place them in the picnic basket, and make sure to bring a blanket on which to lounge. Start the romantic experience with a casual stroll through a nearby park or nature reserve while picking fresh flowers. If you know there are no flowers to pick on the stroll, hand pick flowers from a flower shop to give her during the picnic. Let her pick the location in the park where she wants to eat and make the flowers the centrepiece. Talk about whatever is on her mind, and tell her how beautiful she is.

Make Her the Star Character

If she is into romantic novels or always wanted to star as the main character of a book, then have a book printed with her as the leading lady. Some printing presses have themed books ready to customise with character names and plots. Options can include having her and her friends as part of the novel, or include other meaningful characters, such as her beloved puppy. Novel themes can range from hot and steamy to adventure-based -- where she saves the world from imminent destruction -- depending on her personality. Order quantities are as little as one book with discounts for multiple copies to allow for a customised gift without breaking the bank.


Send her to be pampered and spoiled at a nearby spa for an hour. There she can choose from a number of options, such as a massage or beauty treatments. An alternative to this idea is to hire a mobile spa to provide her with services in the comfort of her own home. This is a great option if the goal is to surprise her at the end of her special day or party. If budgets do not allow such luxurious treatments, consider learning a couple of massage techniques from books found at the local library. You can even make your own massage oil by combining a carrier oil, such as sunflower oil, with a few drops of essential oils in her favourite scent.


When considering something with a truly personal touch, there is nothing quite like a homemade gift. If she loves sweets, create a cookie bouquet or make homemade chocolate bars. Cookie bouquets require a little bit of cellophane wrap and ribbon, a Popsicle stick and a cookie recipe. Use cookie cutters to make the cookies in shapes, such as flowers. A variety of chocolate bar recipes are available online or in a cookbook found at your local book store.