DIY Simple Garden Fence Ideas

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Building a fence in your yard can add good looks and security. To determine the best garden fence for your home, first determine what you want the fence to do. For instance, a fence that enhances your backyard landscape is different from one you'd choose for security and privacy.

A fence is a simple weekend project that most do-it-yourselfers can accomplish without help.

Stone Fences

With the right placement of stones, you can create a durable garden wall without using mortar. A dry stone wall requires a good deal of planning to place the stones without rods or mortar to hold them together. This is an inexpensive option for homeowners on a budget. Use stones from your area or have stones delivered to the home from a quarry company to use for the fence. Use mortar to hold the stones together without worrying about exact placement. Use a variety of stone sizes to create an interesting stone wall around your home and garden.

Picket Fence

The white picket fence is a charming look for a country home garden. Purchase the wood pickets from home improvement stores and build the fence around your home. A wood fence requires maintenance and regular painting. Vinyl fencing in a white picket fence design requires much less maintenance and care. For variations on the white picket fence, choose colours to coordinate with your home. Measure the space carefully before purchasing the vinyl or wood.

Iron Fences

An iron fence works well with some home architectural designs such as a Spanish style. You may be able to find salvage materials to build an inexpensive fence around your garden. Hide flaws in the material with plants that climb up the fence.