Problems with wireless alarm systems

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One of the most ideal ways to protect your home is with an alarm system, and two basic types of systems are available to choose from: wireless and hard-wired.

The popularity of wireless home alarm systems is due largely to the fact that they don't require the invasive installation necessary with hard-wired systems, which are more suited to installing in buildings and homes that are still in the construction phases. However, there are a few drawbacks to examine before investing in a wireless alarm system.


As long as there have been wireless technology and encrypted networks, there has also been an army of hackers, intent on breaching the security of these networks; home alarm systems are susceptible to hackers. Some criminals can hack into a system to read your security code, disable your alarm system and then break into your home. Another type of threat, revealed in a recent article by Fox News, revealed that some criminals are tapping into unsecured wireless networks of homes with automated door locking systems, enabling them to send signals through the network to unlock the doors.


One of the most significant disadvantages of a wireless alarm system is that it operates using battery power. If you are the type of person who rarely tests the batteries in your smoke alarms, you may need to set a reminder to check the alarm system batteries. Your alarm system may be useless in the event that you actually need it. On the up side, battery-operated systems won't be deterred if a potential robber cuts your electricity before breaking in.


As with any type of technology, malfunctions and technical errors can always occur. You will need to make a habit of routinely checking your wireless alarm system to ensure that everything is in proper working order. Another common problem that anyone who has ever bought a computer is well aware of is that technology is constantly and rapidly progressing, which means that, even though you just purchased the latest wireless alarm system this week, a more advanced system may hit the shelves the next week. Upgrades are always essential to owning a wireless alarm system.