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Grants for churches looking to install or update a heating system are not designed for such a specific purpose. In fact, some of them aren't designed for churches at all, but rather non-profit organisations across the board. From the United States to the United Kingdom, both sectarian and religious organisations, as well as non-profits, provide grants that can be used by churches for building renovation and energy proficiency projects such as updating or installing new heating systems.

First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation

The First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation is associated with the First Baptist Church of Midland, Texas. As per its mission, the foundation provides funding for Christian projects throughout the United States by distributing large donations, creating an extensive pool of individual gifts, and investing endowments and disbursing the profits. Grants are awarded each March, June, September, and December, to projects that will have a long-term impact on a Christian community, including constructing or improving church buildings, or updating and installing systems such as heating. The amount of a grant meted by the Foundation is determined by its board of directors.

The First Baptist Church of Midland Foundation

P.O. Box 5485

Midland, TX 79704


The Church and Community Fund

The Church and Community Fund provides grants for Church of England churches in the United Kingdom. Grants are awarded on a quarterly basis, with due dates determined anew each year. Projects are funded on the basis of promoting the church, enhancing spiritual or numerical growth, and improving the Church of England community at large. Grants are commonly given to old churches for renovations, such as updating or installing a new heating system. A church in Cornwall, England, received such a grant for £7000, or roughly £7,215 US. Grant applications can be downloaded from the Church and Community Fund web site.

Church and Community Fund

Church House Great

Smith Street

London SW1P 3AZ



The Kresge Foundation

The Kresge Foundation awards energy grants to 501(c)(3) non-profit organisations, including churches, through the Environment Program. Churches in the American Midwest and Southeast are eligible for energy efficiency grants. These grants provide funding for programs that update buildings with more energy efficient systems, including heating. The Kresge Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications, though non-profit organisations may send e-mails of up to 1,000 words that explain why the foundation should be willing to solicit an application from that organisation.

The Kresge Foundation

3215 West Big Beaver Road

Troy, MI 48084


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