Paint that will cover over glass mirrors

mirror image by Lars Christensen from

Mirrors, a nonporous surface, provide a surface to which creativity is born. Adults and children alike will find different uses for a painted mirror, especially since different types of paint are available for use.

From crackle to chalkboard paint, most paints will completely cover your mirror so you can create a useful surface.

Acrylic Paint and Glaze

Available at craft stores, acrylic paint is an inexpensive way to cover a glass mirror. The paint will cover a mirror with one coat; however, the paint does have a tendency to flake. Depending on your preferences, a flat, gloss or semigloss acrylic glaze will protect the painted surface from chips and scratches. Any brand of acrylic paint -- name brand or store brand -- will cover the surface, but store brands are generally thinner, so another coat is often necessary to cover the surface.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint comes in classic green and black chalkboard colours and can turn an old glass mirror into a child-friendly slate. Sold at craft and hardware stores, chalkboard paint is available in pint and gallon cans and will cover your glass surface in one coat. The thick paint dries quickly and can become a usable surface for sidewalk or chalkboard chalk within 24 hours.

Magnet Paint

Magnamagic's patented magnet paint, which is available in large chain hardware stores or through the company's website, is a latex paint that contains bits of shaved iron to create a magnetic surface. In one coat of paint, your mirror can transform into a magnetic notice board for you to post notes or images.

Crackle Paint

Although it does not cover an entire surface once dry, crackle acrylic paint can help turn a mirror into a functional and trendy surface. You must cover the surface of the mirror when you paint originally, but, as the paint dries, it cracks in different locations, allowing the surface underneath to shine through and create a distressed look. Crackle paint comes in many different colours and is used to create distressed, mirrored candle coasters that will cause candle flames to dance and create patterns on the mirror surface.