Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

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In many kitchens, cabinet space is at a premium. As you plan the best use for your cabinets, make the most of available storage by taking advantage of the vertical space and door area. With clever use of the cabinets, you can reduce clutter on the countertops and create a streamlined look in the kitchen.

Vertical Dividers

To make the most of the space in a cabinet, you can use vertical dividers made of wood or plastic. Dividers section the cabinet space into several areas that can be used to store baking trays, muffin tins, or other long, flat objects. With dividers, you can store place mats, serving dishes, trays, or even shallow bowls without worrying about the chipping or breaking that can happen when you stack the dishes. This is a particularly effective strategy in cupboards that are too narrow to hold wider dishes.

Plate Racks

Instead of stacking plates on top of each other in your cabinets, make the best use of space and protect your dishes with plate racks. Install a rack that runs the width of the cabinet and allows the plates to stand up with the edges facing the door. You can also use a rack to store items that are difficult to stack, like pot lids and the tops to storage containers. For ease of use, install racks in cabinets that are easy to reach to reduce the chance of dropping plates.

Pegboard Doors

Make the most of the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors by installing a pegboard that can be used to store hanging items. Simply mount a pegboard panel that is slighting smaller than the size of the door and install hooks. You can use the board to hang pots, pans, large utensils, pot lids, and other small items. To attach the pegboard, use short screws combined with wood glue to ensure that the board will not damage the existing materials or door function.

Appliance Garage

To extend the space of your kitchen cabinets without the cost and effort require to build an addition, use an appliance garage. To make one, simply find a box that will fit comfortably between your cabinets and countertop; using hinges, attach a door that matches or coordinates with your existing cabinet doors. Slide the assembly into a corner and use it to store appliances, small items, food, or anything that generally causes clutter on your kitchen counters. The appliance garage can also be used to conceal a microwave that doesn't fit with the decor of the rest of the kitchen.

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