Advantages of a Landline Telephone

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The landline has been sidelined by the mobile or cellular telephone in recent years but don't write it off yet. The landline has some useful advantages that should be considered seriously before you scrap your home telephone service provider. Landlines have a stability and reliability that, it could be argued, the mobile telephone will never quite reach.

No Signal Failure

One of the best things about having a conversation on a landline telephone is that you know that the signal will not suddenly cut out.

No Battery Failure

Batteries on mobiles die. While you are constantly having to make sure your phone is charged, this never happens with your landline. On the landline, you know that when you pick up the phone there is no need to make sure there is enough battery life to sustain a long conversation.

Cost Effective

Landline telephone providers often offer cheapo deals to cover your landline, broadband and TV services. This means that you will get your calls for less expense if you choose the correct deal. They also tend to have special deals for frequently called numbers and sometimes long distance calling.

Good For Emergencies

Considering the problems of mobiles with signal failure and battery life, it is good to know that in case of an emergency, you have a working phone available. There is also the fact that if one of your family or friends have an emergency and your mobile is down, they know they can get you on your landline.


It is much easier to hack into a cell phone than a landline telephone. If you want to feel your conversations are private, then a landline telephone is the better option.

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