Outrageous Things to Do on Your Birthday

swimming pool image by Wolfgang Peinelt from Fotolia.com

Unless you are a twin, your birthday is the one day of celebration each year that belongs entirely to you and that does not need to be tailored to suit the tastes and desires of others. For this reason, you should do something outlandish or outrageous on your next birthday. If your age is fast approaching the halfway point of you IQ, you should use all your intelligence to figure out a way to make every single birthday you have left count for as much as possible.

Date a Stranger

Sign up with a dating service and arrange to go out on date on your birthday with a complete stranger. One way to make this even more outrageous is to lie about your tastes, likes and dislikes and see just what the heck kind of person these types of companies can come up with. If things turn out well, you'll never forget the anniversary of your first date. And if things turn out not so well, you've got unforgettable fodder for the followers of your blog or the friends on your social media page.

Swim Your Way Home

In the movie "The Swimmer," Burt Lancaster plays a middle-class character who swims his way home through the pools in his neighbourhood. You can probably do without the angst of determining whether you wasted your life (since it's your birthday), but getting from one point to the safety and comfort of your home by taking a dip in your neighbours' swimming pools will give you the chance to get to know those neighbours as well as show off your taste in cult movies. It is probably better if you get permission to swim before you decide to do this.

Speak Your Mind

Take the opportunity of your birthday to speak out on subject that means a lot to you. This is an especially outrageous idea if the topic is controversial and you usually decide to be polite and not point out the mistaken perspective of those around you. It's your birthday and you can cry if you want to, but wouldn't you rather cry out in favour of gun-control laws at an NRA meeting or speak up for immigrants' rights at a Tea Party rally? You can't get much more outrageous on your birthday than that.

Become Someone Else

Become a different person for a day. Your birthday is a celebration of the arrival into this dimension of the person you became. Think about how different you might be if you had been born into a richer or poorer set of circumstances or if you'd been born in another country. Take the opportunity of your birthday to live one day as the kind of person you always wanted to be, but never could be. Speak in a foreign accent or dress more provocatively. Frequent the kinds of nightspots where friends and family would never think of seeing you. Let the day on which you celebrate your birth be an annual occasion to become something that you aren't.

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