Insulation Grants for Business

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The United Kingdom provides several grants to businesses in need of energy-saving insulation. The bulk of the grant program funds were created during the 2006 Energy Review. The Energy Review was a U.K. act that alleviates"fuel poverty," or a percentage a business or household invests in energy consumption.

Under the act, any household or business that invests 10 per cent of its disposable income for energy purposes is under fuel poverty. The grants help businesses invest in energy-saving solutions such as alternative energy, new technology and new insulation within an office or office building.

Green Energy Project

The Green Energy Project is part of the U.K.'s Energy Review. It grants supplies and money to buildings and businesses in need of new insulation. There are two main insulation grants Green Energy distributes: cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. Cavity wall insulation helps save 35 per cent of the heat lost in a non-insulated building. The savings in fuel costs can amount to hundreds of pounds off a yearly energy bill and the business will contribute a smaller carbon footprint as a result. The other grant is for loft insulation. Loft insulation is for offices that share a building with either residential apartments or other offices. It traps the heat that rises out of an office. The Green Project states the loft insulation program can save 25 per cent of the heat escaping from floors above the office.

Green Energy Project

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Affordable Energy

Affordable Energy is a grant program for businesses that need insulation for their buildings. The program is aided by a Climate Business Energy Team, a group of building experts who will inspect a business' specific structure. From there, the team will assess what kind of insulation is necessary for the building. All businesses can apply for this grant program including small family businesses or large corporations.

Affordable Energy

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Energy Saving Trust

The Energy Saving Trust is a U.K. organisation that strives for lower carbon emissions across the country. The organisation allocates grant money to businesses to offset carbon emissions that might come from the business' energy consumption. Insulation grants are a popular use of the grant money. The organisation also educates businesses on what building components need insulation. For example, the trust advocates that water pipes be lined with insulation, since it guarantees the water is protected from cold temperatures. A business contacts the trust for a grant and the trust investigates which grant would help the business out the most. The trust then networks the business to third-party grant organisations.

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