Good Birthday Gifts for 14-Year-Old Boys

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Choosing the right birthday gift for a 14-year-old boy will surely bring a smile to his face. However, buying birthday gifts for teenagers can sometimes be a difficult task.

Make sure to consider that most 14-year-old boys will like gifts they can use for fun or entertainment and that they can share with their friends.

iPod Speakers

iPod speakers are a gift that will work well if the boy already owns an iPod. He can hook up the speakers directly to the iPod, which lets him listen to the music out loud as opposed to with headphones. Quality iPod speakers will include a remote control along with the speakers themselves.

Snowboard or Skateboard

A snowboard or skateboard can help a teenage boy become more active and physically fit. Snowboarding and skateboarding are very popular sports within this age group. These boards are available in many different colours and patterns. However, they are also sold blank so the user can customise them to fit his personality.

Computer Games

Computer games can provide entertainment and educational value. These games are popular among 14-year-old boys because they can play them alone or with a group of friends. Players who are tech savvy can hook up the games so they can even play against other people via the Internet.

DVD Box Set

DVD box sets of a 14-year-old boy's favourite television show can provide hours of entertainment. If the teenager does not have a favourite show, then consider buying box sets of popular movie series. For example, the Star Wars Trilogy box set includes three movie DVDs as well as a bonus material DVD.

Domain and Website Hosting

Internet-savvy boys interested in web design can learn at a young age by being provided a domain name and website hosting. This gift will allow them to build a custom website that details information about anything they like. In addition to being educational, this gift lets a 14-year-old boy express himself while learning a new craft.