How to Plan Christening Party Games

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Once your child has been christened, it's customary to have a reception or party to celebrate. The event should include snacks or a luncheon, whichever you prefer. However, you may want to organise fun activities for your guests to keep them entertained and to make sure they enjoy the affair.

Most guests will probably offer some kind of gift to your child, so it's nice to return the favour and host a celebration that guests of all ages can enjoy. By planning a series of games you can ensure interaction between your guests and can help build new friendships.

Evaluate the age groups of the guests that will be attending. You should plan games that everyone can enjoy. Perhaps you should plan a few games that everyone can play together. Then plan a game or two just for adults, and a game or two just for the children. This way all age groups will be able to interact both separately and together. For example, you could plan a game of bridge for the adults and a game of "pin the tale on the donkey" for the children. All age groups may enjoy activities like a pinata or karaoke.

Keep the games simple. Don't include games which are very complex or that include too many rules, as your guests are there for a good time, not to learn how to play a very complicated game. If you plan a complicated game, you may alienate certain guests from the activities out of lack of interest or understanding. Make sure that the games you plan don't take too much time. Most guests won't want to come to your party and play chess or Monopoly for hours. When planning party games, remember: the simpler, the better.

Use creativity and construct your own games. Though you may want to incorporate a few classic games, spice up your christening party by making up a simple game of your own. Perhaps you want to do a Christian trivia game with teams. Another idea would be to make up your own puzzles by picking colouring book pictures, laminating them, and then cutting them into shapes. Put your guests in teams and have them solve the puzzles together. Odds are your guests will be impressed with your creativity and will enjoy the unexpected activities.