Space Party Ideas

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If you are planning a birthday party for a science fiction, astrology or astronomy enthusiast, go for an outer space theme. A space-inspired decor scheme, complete with glowing moon and sparkling star designs, will also give a party a romantic flair.

Create a cohesive space theme, from the decor to the favours, for an unforgettable soirée.

Otherworldly Decor

Use outer space--inspired decor items to transform the party into an otherworldly affair. For a child's birthday party, cover the dinner or dessert table with a grey cloth. Use grey clay to create "craters" all over the table to resemble the surface of the moon. Spray-paint rocks silver and disperse them around the table. Suspend plastic planets from a light fixture above the table using translucent string. Adhere removable glowing moon, star and planet decals all over party space walls, and dim the lights to create the right ambience. Place small white candles around the party space for a "glowing star" effect.

Far-Out Food Options

Delight guests with space-themed appetizers, snacks and desserts. These decorative menu options can also serve as charming table decor. Shape crustless ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly and tuna salad sandwiches into star and moon shapes using cookie cutters and serve them on gold or silver trays. Serve punch with a "Big Dipper" ladle. Set up bowls of mini Milky Way and Mars candy bars, along with packages of Pop Rocks candy. Make blue Jell-O with grapes to resemble planets floating in a night sky. As a tasty dessert, make a full moon--inspired treat by topping a round chocolate cake with white lemon-flavoured icing.

Themed Favors

Your space-inspired party will get glowing reviews when you send guests home with themed favours. You can also present the partygoers with the treats as they enter the celebration, or put them out at place settings. Individual silver packages of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream make creative and taste-tempting favours (see Resources). Fill mini star-shaped purses with goodies such as glow-in-the-dark space-inspired stickers and temporary tattoos, star-shaped lollipops, plastic space shuttle models, planet-shaped bouncing balls and handmade moon- and star-shaped sugar cookies featuring yellow frosting or sprinkles.