Substitutes for Wig Shampoos

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Wigs are a versatile beauty product for consumers seeking a new style, or those who are in need of a hair replacement product due to hair loss. Since wigs can be very expensive, it is important for owners to take proper care of the hair piece to ensure it last and looks its best. Wig shampoos are a common washing product, but other items will also properly clean the piece and keep it looking good.

Olive Oil

According to The Wig Mall website, olive oil is a great home remedy for coarse and dulls wigs. Olive oil contains vitamins B and E, which add silkiness and prevent dryness. Mix a half-cup of olive oil with a cup of honey and let the mixture stand for two days. Place the mixture and wig in a plastic bag for 30 minutes, and then rise to moisturise the wig for a silky feeling. Other ideas include mixing a half-cup of olive oil with a half-cup of water, or adding a spoon of olive oil to two freshly beaten eggs to produce a moisturising mixture.

Baby Shampoo

A mild baby shampoo will clean a wig if no wig shampoo is available. Baby shampoo offers very little colouring and harsh cleaning agents, so it will clean the wig without affecting the hair colour or texture. Place a small amount (slightly less than the amount of shampoo one would apply for personal use) in a basin with warm water and wash the wig gently.

Washing Powder

Light, non-bleach liquid washing powder will properly wash a wig. Mix the washing powder with cool water in a basin to soak the wig, and gently lather the mixture against the hair piece until clean. Remove the wig from the water after five minutes and rinse the excess detergent off with cold water. Drain and blot dry the wig with a towel.

Spray Cleaners

Wigs are normally washed after every tenth day of use, but you can freshen the wig in between washes with spray cleaners. A spray bottle of water will help with light cleaning, but if the wig is often worn in areas with harsh odours, try using an air freshening spray similar to the type you would use to remove odour from a room in the house. Spray the wig sparingly with these products, and let it dry before wearing.

Spray-in Conditioners

If the wig hair is tangled, it may not need a wash to untangle the knots. Try using a spray-in bottle of regular hair conditioner and then gently comb the wig with a wide-tooth comb to brush out tangles and knots.

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