List of biocide mold removers

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A biocide is an agent that destroys microorganisms, including mould. Some mould-removing biocides come in the form of generic chemicals, while others are produced by brand-name manufacturers. When employing biocides to kill mould, use caution as these strong chemical solutions may have toxic or abrasive qualities. Removing mould with a biocide is only one treatment option, and sometimes only the beginning of the process in cases of large-scale mould problems.

Chlorine Bleach

A 5.25 per cent concentration of sodium hypochlorite composes most varieties of standard household chlorine bleach, though some weaker varieties feature concentrations of .7, 1.8 and 2.4 per cent sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine bleach's disinfectant properties kill mould, germs and mildew. This product's antimicrobal nature allows it to act as a mould-removing fungicide. The substance similarly acts as a pesticide, as well as an anti-bacteria and antivirus agent. When using chlorine bleach as a biocide, never mix it with any other biocides or household cleaning products as doing so may result in the formation of harmful acids or poisonous gases. This commonly used and affordable biocide comes in liquid form and is available at most grocery stores.


The creators of SniPER at Global Environmental Restoration in Louisiana tout their product as "the ideal biocide." This mould removal agent contains a 2,000 parts-per-million concentration of stabilised chlorine dioxide, allowing it to serve as an oxidising biocide rather than a metabolic toxin. SNiPER works by disrupting the transport of nutrients across the cell walls of mould, killing its vital microorganisms. This product presents a somewhat safer and more environmentally-friendly biocide choice than others, as many organic compounds degrade chlorine dioxide over time. The United States Environmental Protection Agency recognises this product as a mould-removing fungicide.

OxB Biocides

A product of the OxB Corporation, the OxB biocide works as a sanitiser, disinfectant, sterilant and "terror-fighter"---the latter term comes from the product's ability to fight the bioterrorism agent anthrax. This "super oxidant" forms a stable complex ion that converts to free radicals in the presence of organic matter. In terms of mould, OxB removes it by acting as a sporicide active against all microbal forms, including microorganisms, vegetative and spore forms. OxB is effective against spores, bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses. According to the manufacturers, toxicology tests show that OxB biocide is safe to human health. OxB biocide comes in aerosol, spray and liquid forms, each suitable for mould removal on different surfaces.

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