Electric Glass-Cutting Tools

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Many craft projects require cut glass pieces of all shapes and sizes. Traditionally, glass was cut with a hand-pushed cutting wheel. This process was tedious, to say the least. Because of the difficulties involved in cutting glass, this field was left to highly skilled craftsmen.

Today, with modern equipment, just about anyone can cut glass with relative ease and a little practice.

Band Saws

A diamond-bladed band saw provides clean cuts on any shape of glass. It cuts small radius curves with precision. The specialised blade is continuously covered in running coolant while in operation. This saw also cuts tile, ceramics and other brittle items. With a cutting speed of 8 to 10 inches per minute, it is able to cut multiple pieces simultaneously (see reference 1).

A laser band saw is able to achieve precise, intricate, smooth cuts on any type of glass or tile. It can cut glass up to 1-inch thick using an ultra-thin diamond edged blade. With the built-in target light and recirculating water pump, the cuts are clean, smooth and accurate. This saw eliminates time spent at the grinder and wasted glass on tricky cuts (see reference 2).

Ring Saws

A ring saw has a multidirectional blade, is portable and quieter than a band saw. A ring saw is designed to grind as it cuts, eliminating the need for extensive grinding after cutting. Some models convert from portable to handheld for easier angle cutting (see reference 2).

Wire Saws

A wire saw is a heavier, bulkier machine than the ring saw but also has a stronger motor. The motor is located on top, away from the coolant. The wire saw has a round diamond-coated blade designed for cutting in all directions. The blade is capable of cutting inside curves, intricate shapes and narrow lines. A direct spot lights eliminates shadows on the piece while cutting (see reference 2).

Delphi Power Nipper

The electric power nipper made by the Delphi Glass Co. is designed to nip glass tiles and rods. These items are generally used for mosaic, fused and flame-working glass art projects. The nipper is a compact and powerful electromagnet unit that cuts with the touch of a button or a tap on the foot switch (see reference 2).

Tube Cutter

The Kitco electric tube cutter provides smooth, easy cuts and eliminates hairline cracks when cutting on radius bends. The cutter is a wire loop that is heated by the voltage in the machine it is attached to. There are four heat settings and five sizes of wire loops (see reference 3).

Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drill bits are used in glass jewellery making. These bits will drill into sea glass and wine bottles. Along with diamond drill bits are diamond hole saw bits for larger holes and for glass blocks (see reference 4).