What are the duties of a Lance Corporal?

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Lance corporal is a rank found in the British Army. Lance Corporals are required to supervise a small team of up to four soldiers called a section. According to the Ministry of Defence (MoD): "They also have opportunities to specialise and undertake specialist military training." This rank is just below a corporal.

According to the Military Factory, as of 2010 a lance corporal earned a monthly salary of £1,500 to £2,600 depending on time in service.

Military Occupational Specialty

A Marine lance corporal has a military occupational speciality. This means that whether they are cooks or infantry soldiers, they are trained as combat soldiers. The duties of a lance corporal change depending on his MOS, but when it comes to basic operational duties, the Marine lance corporal must lead the soldiers below him, the privates and privates first class (PFC). He performs this duty by example, arriving at the work site on time or early, performing the jobs assigned with little or no supervision, and always being prepared to take on another assignment.

Leadership Duties

A Marine platoon is broken up into squads. Most of these squads are led by corporals or sergeants, but when manpower is low, a lance corporal is put in charge of a squad. Each squad is made up of separate teams, and lance corporals are in charge of those teams that have four or five Marines assigned to them. This leadership duty requires the lance corporal to know the mission of his team and to carry out that mission to the letter. Again, lance corporals are expected to lead the Marines reporting to them by example.

Physical Fitness Requirements

A Marine lance corporal is required to pass a physical fitness test (PFT) as are all Marines. However, lance corporals are in the unique position of being the highest enlisted rank and one rank below the NCO. Achieving a higher rank requires the lance corporal to perform well on the PFT, not only to get promoted, but to be an effective leader of his subordinates. The PFT consists of three sections: pull-ups, sit-ups and a timed three-mile run. The higher the total score, the more points a lance corporal receives toward promotion.

Marine Corps Manual

Every Marine is required to know the Marine Corps manual. Not only does a lance corporal have to know the manual, but he has to ensure that each Marine below him knows the manual as well. This training duty of the lance corporal takes place in garrison on specific training days. The manual covers general orders, the history of the Marine Corps, and other pertinent knowledge that every Marine must know to be eligible for promotion.