Customer services - Different types of customers

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As a customer service representative, you will run into various kinds of customers throughout your workday. Different kinds of customers require different kinds of customer service from you to keep them happy and ensure they continue to use your business. Not knowing how to effectively deal with different kinds of customers can cost your company valuable business. Unhappy customers can be very damaging to companies. Learning to recognise and respond to the various customer types will help your company flourish.

The non-confrontational customer

At first glance, a non-confrontational customer seems like the easiest type of customer to deal with. This customer will almost passively accept the customer service they are given, and even when unhappy, he will just leave. The biggest risk with this type of customer is that even though he didn't complain to your company, he is very likely complaining to friends and neighbours, possibly causing them to think negatively about your company. According to Florida University, the non-confrontational or "meek customer generally, will not complain." The best way to deal with the non-confrontational customer is to give your best customer service every time.

Confrontational customer

The confrontational customer can be hard to deal with, especially for new customer service representatives. This type of customer can be intimidating. Florida University says this customer "readily complains, often loudly and at length." Many times this customer just wants to be heard, and as a customer service representative, your listening to the complaint will go a long way toward pleasing this customer. The confrontational customer will generally tell you in her complaint exactly what will make her happy.

The whiner

The whiner never feels that products or services are good enough. This customer will find fault with everything. Like the confrontational customer, the always unhappy customer wants to be heard. The best way to deal with this type of customer is to listen and apologise. The whiner will demand patience on your part but tends to leave happy if someone will simply take the time to listen to his complaints.

The con artist customer

Unfortunately, every business will at some point have to deal with a con artist as a customer. This customer wants you to give her the products or services for free and will not stop complaining until she gets what she wants. Generally, the con artist will threaten you with losing her business and telling you that she will tell all of her friends and family how horrible the company is. The best way to deal with this customer is to be polite but stick to your company's policies.

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