List of Haunted Schools

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Many old schools, colleges and universities in America are claimed to be haunted by ghosts. What all of these stories have in common is that the deceased always has some strong connection to the place she is alleged to be haunting.

Sometimes the ghosts are harmless and benign, but in some cases, the ghosts show aggression.

Athens State University

This school was founded in 1822 as the Athens Female Academy. Athens State University actually has a few haunting stories, the most famous being the story of Abigail Burns. She was a beautiful opera singer who gave an outstanding performance at the school's McCandless Hall in 1914. She promised an adoring crowd that she would return. While on her way back to her hotel that night, a thunderstorm spooked her horses, causing the carriage to topple. Ms. Burns was killed in the accident. Shortly after, people began to claim seeing a ghostly woman with blond hair and a bouquet of flowers walking in McCandless Hall. Athens State University is located at 300 North Beaty Street, Athens, Alabama.

Stetson University

Stetson University was founded in 1883. The original name was DeLand Academy, before hat maker John B. Stetson took charge of the endowment and renamed the school after himself. Then professor of mathematics and engineering, Dr. Lincoln Hulley, donated the school's bell tower in the name of his family. Later Dr. Hulley became the school's president. The very year the bell tower was complete, Dr. Hulley died. He was buried at the base of the bell tower. His wife Eloise died 25 years later, and was buried with her husband. Today, people claim to see apparitions of a man and woman around Stetson, sometimes walking a ghostly dog. These apparitions are not only seen by students and staff, but by residents around the university as well. Stetson University is at 421 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand, Florida.

Hibbing High School

Built in the 1920s, Hibbing High school in Hibbing, Minnesota is known as one of the most haunted places in America. The ghosts of two people who died in the school's auditorium, a disabled student and the school's first stage manager, supposedly haunt the building. Specifically, seat number J47 is said to be haunted by the school's first stage manager, who was employed there in 1940. The school's current stage manager took several pictures of the seat, six of which appear to show an apparition. A team of paranormal investigators examined the site using Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), and confirmed that there were indeed ghosts at Hibbing High School. The school is located at 800 East 21st Street, Hibbing, Minnesota.

Ohio University

Founded in 1804, Ohio University has had a lot of time to acquire some interesting ghost stories. The spirits of Underground Railroad slaves, a kind old woman, and inmates from the insne asylum being renovated by the university supposedly inhabit the school, thus explaining Ohio University's reputation as the most haunted school in the world. The most famous haunted place on campus is Wilson Hall. The most popular Wilson Hall story is that of a young female occult member who died a violent death in room 428. Since then, people have reported seeing items move on their own or be lifted into the air and smashed against the wall. People also claim to see the girl in the room as well. Ohio University is located in Athens, Ohio.