Color ideas for a feature wall

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The colour of a feature wall should demand the eye's attention but should also complement the rest of the space. Consider texture and patterns in addition to colour to keep the feature wall from feeling redundant and to impress your house guests.

Bold Black

Many people will not even consider using black paint in their home. They are afraid that black will make the space depressing and dark. However, when you use black correctly on a feature wall, the results can prove to be refreshing and inviting. The key to pulling off this bold colour on your feature wall is to achieve balance by keeping the ceiling, floor and furniture light. Remember also to paint just one wall, and accessorise the wall with framed black-and-white photos.

Create Unexpected Contrast with Color

Create unexpected colour contrast with a pattern on your feature wall. Use two shades of green or two shades of grey to create a checkered or striped pattern on the wall. This colour method will also help highlight the elements around the feature wall and the space.


Use gold, silver and copper colours for a feature wall. You may use a metallic leaf finish or a simple metallic colour paint for a more affordable and less demanding option. The metallic colour brings boldness and confidence to the feature wall.

Add Color with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the newest trends for feature walls. It has come a long way from the cheesy and gaudy patterns of decades past. Wallpaper offers various colours, patterns and textures for any feature wall in your home. Luxurious wallpaper tends to be expensive but well worth it if you can afford it. If you are on a tight budget, use wallpaper on a smaller feature wall to save money. Colours to use are solid yellow tones for a kitchen feature wall, or black and white or cream and brown wallpaper designs for feature walls found at the entrance of the home, guest room or bedrooms.

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