Easy to Maintain Outdoor Plants

hosta image by cs83 from Fotolia.com

Everyone enjoys beautiful gardens with plants and flowers in landscaping around their homes, but it is often difficult to maintain a garden and to keep the plants healthy, especially if you do not have a green fingers and cannot afford to hire someone to maintain it for you. Easy-to-grow plants that require little maintenance are available. They will grace your home with beauty and colour and make it look as if you spend a lot of time tending your garden.

Shasta Daisy

The shasta daisy is a perennial plant that blooms during the summer months and up until late autumn. The white petals of the flower and the golden centres will be a highlight in your garden landscaping. This plant enjoys full sunlight in a well-drained soil, but also does well in areas with partial sunlight. Deadheading the blooms will increase the beautiful flower production and little else is necessary for this hardy plant to thrive.

French Marigold

The French marigold has beautiful orange or yellow blooms and small green leaves. It is an annual plant that does well in many different types of soil. It is adaptable to almost any location, as it does well in full sunlight and areas that receive partial shade. This hardy plant adapts well in dry or moist soils and will bloom from the spring months until early fall.

Hosta Plant

The hosta plant comes in many different varieties and exhibits almost every colour of leaf except for red. When planted in partially shaded areas, it requires almost no care and exhibits beautiful variegated leaf colours, which come in many different sizes and shapes. Some varieties tolerate areas with full sun, so almost any gardener can find a variety of hosta that is perfect for his garden. This perennial plant comes back every year and some varieties have small colourful flowers.

Moss Rose

The moss rose, or portulaca, is a plant that you can use for ground cover, bedding plants or in hanging pots. It blooms in the summer months with flowers that are purple, red, orange, white, pink and yellow. This hardy flower grows well in areas with intense heat and tolerates drought and other extreme conditions well. It will make a beautiful addition to your home garden until the first frost appears.


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