Ideas for First Birthday Outing

Coordinate an outing to celebrate your baby's first year of life. The location should be a place where he's comfortable and you can relax and enjoy the party. Think about the things that he seems to enjoy most and use that as a starting point. Avoid making things too complicated as he won't remember the outing and will feed off of any anxiety you are feeling.


The park or playground where your baby frequently plays may not seem "special" to you, but she won't realise the day is special. The first birthday celebration is more for the parents, friends and family as the baby won't remember it and doesn't quite understand it. Take her to the park that she's familiar with and where she is comfortable especially if the outing doubles as a party. Keeping your baby comfortable and happy will allow you to enjoy her special day rather than being stressed or overwhelmed.

Lakes or Beaches

Consider taking your child to your local lake or beach during warmer months. If you've never taken your infant to the water and sand, don't expect too much. He may enjoy playing in the sand with his hands and feet; or he may not. Plan your outing around your baby's schedule so he's not tired, hungry or generally cranky. Be prepared to do something else if he doesn't like the water and sand, or if the weather turns.

Children's Restaraunt

Restaurants that are designed and geared toward children usually include a variety of hands-on games designed to stimulate a toddler's minds. If you haven't taken your baby to this sort of venue before, consider going during the week when there is likely to be fewer people. A large crowd and the vast size of such a place may prove to be too much for her to take in at once.

Theme Parks or Zoos

Theme parks that are geared toward younger children or have a special area for little ones may be enjoyable to your baby. Zoos, particularly petting zoos, might be a good option if your baby has exhibited an interest in animals. If there is a circus in town, that is another option. With all of these, avoid having high expectations--especially if your little one tends to shy away from large crowds.


Take your baby to a children's museum that offers various hands-on activities. Ask someone at the museum beforehand if it features any age-appropriate exhibits so you'll know what to check out.


Go to a botanical garden if your baby seems to enjoy the outdoors, and tress or flowers. Call ahead to ask if there are any special tours or activities for young children.

Simple Ideas

Consider staying home or going to a relative's house that is familiar and comfortable for you and your baby for a small birthday gathering. Although her first birthday means a great deal to you, she won't remember it. Taking her somewhere new may seem exciting to you, but she may not like it just yet.

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