The Advantages of Silk Fabric

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Silk is a protein fibre that is often woven into textiles in many different types of clothes. Silk comes from several different insects, but the type of silk we wear is most often woven by the larvae of the Bombyx mori (mulberry silkworm) which is raised in captivity for production purposes.

Silk is a versatile fabric that is used in many different types of clothing because of its many benefits.


Silk is a fabric that can be worn in all climates. The fabric is comfortable and cool during the summer and cosy and warm in the winter. The temperature-regulating properties of silk give it the ability to warm and cool at the same time. When silk is worn as a second layer, it can warm the body without adding the bulk of some other fabrics.


As silk is a natural structure of protein it tends to be one of the most hypoallergenic of all the fabrics. It is thought that since silk is a substance created during a protective period for silkworms, the cocoon-derived fabric protects against natural threats like allergens. Dust mites, fungus and various other growths tend to stay off of silk materials, keeping your bed or clothes more allergy free.

Skin and Hair

It is believed that the amino acids of silk are the same that are found in the human skin and hair. This may cause the skin to be healthier and to delay the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, it may cause hair to be healthier as well due to its constant exposure to important nutrients. Other conditions silk may be able to prevent are arthritis and vascular sclerosis.

Other Properties

There are many other properties of silk which make it an extremely useful fabric. Silk is naturally flame retardant which makes it safe for cushions and bedding. The fabric absorbs perspiration and lets the skin breath. It has a tensile strength that is nearly as strong as steel yarn and it resists blemishes like soil and odours. Silk washes easily, takes colour well, and is easy to work with in weaving, knitting, spinning and sewing.