Reasons to contest a divorce

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Divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, and many people just want to get it over with. However, there are several reasons to contest a divorce.

Although your spouse might encourage you to end the marriage as quickly as possible, if the terms of the divorce will adversely affect your life in a significant way, you might have reason to contest.


Sometimes people who file for divorce end up reconciling and staying together. Other times, an attempt is made at reconciliation, but the couple ultimately divorces. If you feel there is any chance that your spouse will be willing to work through your marital problems, you can contest the divorce; you don't want to wonder what might have been. The catch: Your spouse must be willing to reconcile. If he is not willing to try, there is no point in holding up the divorce by contesting it.


Divorces involving children can get complicated, since decisions must be made regarding visitation and child support. If you do not agree with what your spouse is requesting in the divorce as far as your children are concerned, you should contest it. This can ensure you are heard in the divorce proceeding, especially if you think your spouse is being unreasonable regarding visitation or custody.


If you do not agree with how your spouse wants to split your property--including your home, land, furniture, assets, money or businesses you own together--you should contest the divorce. Otherwise, you could end up losing things you helped acquire during the marriage.