How to Qualify for an Amex Black Card

The Amex Black Card (also called the Centurion Card) carries a reputation of prestige and is marketed as the "world's rarest American Express card." Its application criteria are shrouded in secrecy to retain its exclusivity, and only those invited by Amex can apply. Qualifying for the Amex Black Card gives rise to a number of user benefits, such as discounted flight tickets, perks at some of the world's most exclusive hotel chains and special cardholder concierge services.

Apply for an Amex Platinum Card for personal or business use.

Use your Amex Platinum Card frequently and always pay your outstanding balance as required.

Spend more than £162,500 in one year on your card, either through your business or personal expenditures. While invitations are at the discretion of American Express, they tend to be offered to customers of good standing, transacting more than £162,500 a year.

Continue to use and pay off your card on a regular basis as you await an invitation from American Express for an upgrade to the Black Card.

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