Loft conversion ideas

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Loft spaces can offer a tranquil getaway from the world below when designed well. A loft conversion adds space and value to your home, particularly if it includes an extra bedroom or bathroom. Lofts can also be converted into offices, playrooms and many other types of spaces.

Be aware of and follow your town's rules and regulations regarding loft building and remodelling before you begin a loft conversion project.

Second Level

Add a mezzanine level to increase floor space in a loft. If possible, get rid of most of the ceiling to make room for an extra space that can even be used as a bedroom.

Storage & Space Saving

Space can be limited in a loft so you need to be thoughtful about storage. Choose furniture that doubles as storage, such as ottomans with interior compartments and beds with built-in drawers underneath. Sofa beds add room for guests when there isn't enough space for a spare bedroom.

Outdoor Space

If the loft opens onto a flat roof over a different part of the building, use it for a rooftop garden. If not, there may be space to add a deck or a small balcony.


Windows are an important consideration in loft spaces because the highest point in a building is exposed to the most light and heat, without the benefit of an attic space above it to insulate. Try adding heat reflective windows to keep the temperature stable. Add window coverings that effectively insulate and block light.


Modern furnishings are a popular choice if you want the loft to feel open. Or create a cosy, comfortable loft with more traditional furnishings. Any style of decor can work, as long as you don't overdo it. A few well-chosen items are best to keep a loft from feeling too confining.