Things Couples Can Do Together

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Couples often have different interests and partake in separate hobbies. Although this is perfectly fine, it's also important for them to spend time together bonding over a shared experience. There are a wide variety of things a couple can do together, from quiet, private escapes to wild trips around the world. Plan some activities and excursions so you can make memories together.

Conquer a Home Project

Does your kitchen need a new floor? Want to paint a mural in one of the rooms? Whatever home project you have, try conquering it as a couple. You'll both get to contribute to the overall result and spend time together while doing so.

Have a Picnic

Make a lunch, pack it in a basket and set off to the park for a picnic. Lay out a blanket, pour some glasses of wine and just enjoy the weather and each other's company. Take a walk hand in hand and talk about your dreams and fantasies or just take in the silence with your loved one.

Take a Class Together

Learn something new together. Take a dance class to get your feet moving. Enrol in a sign language course to learn a new form of communication. Study ancient architecture for future trips together. Each pick a course you like and have your other half attend it with you or search through a community college or city program guide and agree on something you both like.

Give Back to Your Community

Get involved doing some community service. You'll be doing a good deed while having a unique experience with your significant other. This is something you can even do with other couples. Community service can range from volunteering at the library to serving food at a soup kitchen to even building a home through a program such as Habitat For Humanity.

Read a Book

Read a book together. Take turns reading a chapter or page aloud. Snuggle up together in front of the fire or in bed each night. Choose a best seller you're both interested in or go for a smut novel you can later recreate.


Turn the kitchen into a romantic and sexy setting where you can experiment and feed each other and you try new recipes together. Choose a recipe together and work on it as a team. Or each make something at the same time and feed it to your partner. Making a mess in the kitchen should make you laugh, bring you closer together and end in a good meal.

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