Industrial Area Land Uses

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Industrial land can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of a particular industry and the location of the land. Industrial land in urban areas is used for different purposes then industrial land in rural areas.

Refineries and Factories

Refineries and factories are often built on large tracts of industrial land to accommodate the structures and equipment needed for those facilities. Extra land often surrounds refineries and factories--land that can be used for expansion and land that can be used to provide separation between the facility and land adjoining the industrial property. Rules about how much separation is required vary according to the jurisdiction in which the facility is located.

Electric Power Plants

Utility companies build electricity generating plants in both urban and rural areas, often along major rivers. Plants burning coal as fuel need a large area for receiving, storing and processing the coal. Plants powered by nuclear energy usually are built away from populated areas. Power plants are required to comply with many laws and regulations designed to control pollution.

Coal Mining and Oil Drilling

In rural areas, some industrial land is used for coal mining or oil drilling. Some coal is mined underground, and other coal is mined from the surface of land. Oil drilling requires land for derricks and other equipment. Mining and drilling operations are subject to many laws and regulations designed to control pollution.