Sister's 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Big sister, little sister, sisters are special. By the time she's 50, you and she have shared a lifetime of memories. If you are casting around for the right gift to honour your sister's approaching 50th, think outside the gift box. When you think about her, the right gift may come to mind.

Consider a special basket, a book of life or honour your sister with a family dinner she will long remember.

Big Sisters

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Big sisters can be maternal, even heroic in your continuing family saga. If your sister is an older sister, give a gift that recognises her role as a giving and supportive person in your life and the life of your family. For all her years of strength, composure and friendship, give your sister a special basket. Fill a beautiful white basket to overflowing with gifts that will soothe her and transport her to a world in which she is pampered and appreciated. Inside the basket place a gift token to a local spa for a day just for her. Add several pure white candles to symbolise the purity of a big sister's love. Include a beautiful glass bottle of aromatic bath oil and matching body creme. Be sure to include a box of expensive truffles and a bottle of good wine. Wrap the basket in a deep blue silk and she will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Little Sisters

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From the time your sister came into the family, you and she developed a bond like no other. As the older sister or brother, your job was twofold: to protect and to tease. When your "little" sister turns 50, take her on a stroll or a frolic down memory lane. Make her a book of memories. Gather photos and anecdotes from the family. Put them all in an elegant scrapbook. Visit a scrapbooking store for ideas that will match the importance of the occasion. Find the words to write that you wish you had been together. She will be moved by a gift she can return to time and again.

From Brother or Sister

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Brothers and sisters form a unique bond. Older brothers protect. Younger brothers look up to older sisters. If you are a brother, give your sister a 50th birthday family dinner with a twist. Arrange with your family members to bring photos and memories. Record the event. Before dinner, give a "This is Your Life" presentation. For about five minutes, each person will share his or her memories of your years together. Give other gifts if you like, but the memories and the time together will be the big gift.