Scottish Kids Games

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A rich history of games is associated with Scotland. The Highland games, for example, have existed for centuries and are still held throughout Scotland as a way to commemorate their history. Highland games are, in fact, hosted around the world to celebrate Scottish and Celtic traditions and heritage.

Teaching kids historical Scottish games is an effective strategy to help them learn about the traditions of Scotland and to compare historical games with games of the early 21st century.

Highland Games for Kids

Even though children do not have the strength and agility to compete in true Highland games, they can experience the feel of the games by modifying them to meet their developmental levels. One game for example is called "putting the stone," which is a game similar to shot put. The game can be played by kids by using different size weights for them to throw. The child who throws the heaviest weight the farthest is the winner. Another Highland game is the caber toss, which is throwing a 16-foot length of wood, weighing about 54.4 Kilogram. For kids, the length and weight of the log can be adjusted to their physical strength and size.

The Hornie Game

The Hornie game involves one child being "it" and chasing after the other kinds. The child, who is "it," clasps his hands together and points his thumbs out looking like the horns of a bull. As he catches kids, by touching them with his horns, they become his property and also clasp their hands and start to catch other children with their horns. The game is over when the last child is touched.

The Ho-go Game

The Ho-go game is a guessing game played with marbles. The game begins when the first player secretly places some marbles in her hand and holds it closed. She holds up her hand and says "Ho-go." The second player says, "handful;" and the first player says, "How many?" The second player makes a guess. If the guess is correct she gets to take all of the marbles. If she guessed wrong, she has to give the first player the number of marbles she had guessed.

The Mineral, Animal and Vegetable Game

All of the kids who want to play this game sit in a circle. The first player has a ball and throws it to one of the players. As he throws the ball he calls out "mineral," "animal" or "vegetable" and starts to count to 10 quickly. The player who has the ball has to name something that belongs in the category named before the thrower reaches the number 10. If the child is correct, he gets to throw the ball, call out the category and count. If the child does not name something in the category, he has to pull out of the circle.