Mobile Home Skirting Alternatives

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Mobile homes look more permanent when a skirting surrounds the bottom. The skirting should also perform the function of keeping animals and the elements out from under your structure. Several ways of skirting your mobile home will make it look more attractive. Some are permanent; some are temporary.

Which type of skirting is best depends on your own preferences, time, finances and, most of all, your long-term plans.


Vinyl is a low-cost, easy-to-install material that works well for mobile home skirting. It is easy to find in matching colours for your existing home and is easy to remove should you need to move your home or want to change colours. Vinyl is sturdy and stands up to changes in weather well, making it suitable for all climates. It will also help you keep animals out. Vinyl is also difficult for wild animals to destroy by chewing or clawing. You will, however, have to keep an eye on the seams for breaches that need to be fixed. You want to keep your skirting tight.


Concrete is the strongest of the common materials used for mobile home skirting. The installation is more complicated than vinyl. Ground preparation is the same as for any concrete placement. Concrete has inherent problems in cold climates. Cracking, buckling and crumbling are all issues that demand diligent preparation and constant attention to keep the structure strong. Properly applied concrete skirting is nearly impervious to the elements and wildlife. Your mobile home park, however, may have restrictions on permanent types of skirting, so you will need to check with both your park and the city zoning offices before you continue with plans to construct this type of skirting. Concrete is also difficult to remove. Before you install it, make sure you have reasonable expectations of staying put.


Brick, like concrete, provides a strong, impervious and, most of all, permanent skirting for your mobile home. It looks nice, and you can find brick in many colours and sizes to give your home a special appearance. The use of brick, as well as concrete, has some added benefits in that you can use the area beneath your home for storage because the solid walls create a basement type area that is sealed against wind and other weather elements.

Track Vinyl

An additional type of vinyl installation that makes vinyl simple to uninstall is track application. Building tracks along the top and bottom to slide the vinyl sheeting allows you to slide them out whenever you need access to the area under your trailer or need to move your mobile home.


All skirting needs venting to prevent mould and mildew from building up due to moisture. Air circulation vents built into any of the skirting methods prevent animals and foul weather from getting in. Vents also let moisture escape and let fresh air move through. Prepare your skirting by adding one vent for every 150 square feet of space.