Government Grants for Beekeeping

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Because agriculture benefits from beekeeping, the government offers a number of grant programs that can benefit beekeepers and related groups. Some organisations receive grant money that can be distributed to qualified beekeepers and bee clubs.

Organic Beekeeping Grants

The organic craze has boosted the popularity of organic beekeeping The most common type of organic beekeeping grant is a social business grant that's awarded to businesses or organisations that are contributing to an environmental or social cause. Organic beekeepers are credited with playing a vital role in helping to sustain modern-day agriculture.

Honey Bee Colony Inspection Grants

Some state governments, such as Tennessee, offer grants to not only promote beekeeping, but also the inspection of honey bee colonies. They have to be examined for pests and stability and inspection is vital in promoting a productive and healthy hive.

Assistance and Education for Beginners

States such as Nebraska, New York and Pennsylvania offer grant money for beekeeping education programs and for basic start-up supplies when specific training or education requirements have been met. A number of universities throughout the U.S. are pitching in to offer additional funding for start-up support.

USDA Beekeeping Grants

The U.S. Department of Agriculture so far has awarded grants in 25 different states for the support of beekeeping. The grants are typically designated for the education, training and promotion in sustainable beekeeping for agricultural purposes and to help rebuild honey bee populations across the country.

State Government Beekeeping Grants

Several state agriculture agencies and state departments offer money to help build sustainable agriculture by rebuilding honey bee populations. These states include Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina and West Virginia.

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