Places to Go on a 10th Wedding Anniversary

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Celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary with an outing or trip may provide you both with an opportunity to remember all of the romance from your wedding. Reflect on the last 10 years you've had together as you go out, whether it's for the night or for 10 days.

Five Diamond Restaurant or Hotel

Visit a restaurant or hotel that holds the AAA five-diamond rating, because diamonds are the stone associated with the 10th anniversary. Indulge in a romantic dinner for just the two of you, or stay in the honeymoon suite of an upscale hotel or bed-and-breakfast, even if it's only for one night.

Diamond Mines

Visit the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas where you can camp and dig for diamonds. Any stones you may find are yours to keep at the only public diamond mine in the world. If camping isn't your style, stay in a hotel or lodge nearby and take a day trip to dig for diamonds.

Take a tour of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve at the East Bay Regional Park District in northern California. Besides tours of the mines, you can enjoy hiking and a picnic for two in the park.

Visit South Africa and take a tour of a diamond mine in between safaris. Take in all of the natural elements of South Africa, including the diamond mines.

10-Day Cruise

Book a 10-day cruise to the Caribbean, around Hawaii, Alaska or wherever appeals to you. Use each of your 10 days away to concentrate on the corresponding year of marriage, or just to be carefree with each other again.

Revisit Your Honeymoon Location

Relive your honeymoon by revisiting the hotel where you originally stayed. Ask the hotel if it's possible to stay in the same room if you remember which room you stayed in. Experience things you didn't do the first time around, but enjoy the things you liked best, such as a favourite restaurant.


Stay in a small bed-and-breakfast on a beach, whether it's on an island or along either coast, to enjoy a laid-back weekend away together. Enjoy sleeping in, breakfast in bed, long leisure walks along the beach or activities that you both enjoy, such as biking, swimming or hiking.


Visit Europe if you've always wanted to go, or enjoyed being there together. For example, enjoy a romantic weekend in Venice or Paris, a train ride through the countryside or backpacking across Europe like carefree college students.

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