Neck Injuries in a Toddler

pigtailed toddler image by Pix by Marti from

Injuries to the neck in toddlers are serious medical concerns, especially if the injuries are internal. Fortunately, most neck injuries in children are preventable through the use of protective equipment and close supervision.


Neck injuries in toddlers can result in symptoms such as pain, swelling, bleeding or fractured bones. Children might develop additional symptoms such as fever, vomiting, listlessness and unconsciousness if the injury is severe.


Paediatricians and emergency room physicians identify and diagnose neck injuries in toddlers; a physical exam and X-rays are often necessary to confirm the injury.


Toddlers might develop neck injuries from injuries such as falls or sports or auto accidents; abuse could be another cause of neck injuries in young children.


Toddlers might not be able to explain what hurts or how they feel after getting hurt; parents and caregivers should closely observe children who have suffered any type of injury to the head or neck.


Bleeding wounds should be covered with a sterile bandage; injuries that might involve a concussion or fracture should be treated by a physician as soon as possible.


Childproofing inside the home, making sure toddlers wear bike helmets and watching children while they are playing can help to prevent neck injuries in toddlers.