Gift ideas for old people

When you ask an older person what he wants for his birthday, a typical response may be, "I don't need anything." What he may really be saying is: "Please don't get me anything I don't need." This is not such a simple task, considering an older person may already have most of the material things he needs.

In spite of this, everyone enjoys receiving presents. When gift shopping for an older person, look for a consumable product, or consider some type of service.

Home Warranty

If the older person or older couple lives in their own home, a home warranty can relieve some of their stress in making home repairs, especially if they are on a tight budget. A home warranty is an insurance policy that covers specific items in the house, such as the air conditioning, roofing or appliances. Depending on the policy, if something breaks down, the homeowner calls the warranty company and pays just a service fee (often a small amount, such as £32) to get the item repaired or replaced. Home warranties are usually purchased annually, and while it is not an inexpensive gift, it could be an ideal gift for parents or grandparents.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets filled with wine, cheese, chocolates, crackers, candles and many other items are popular when gift-giving. Yet many of the pre-assembled baskets offered by speciality shops may not be ideal for an older person. Instead of buying a pre-made gift basket, prepare your own for the older person, filling it with his favourite foods or treats. Begin by making a list of what he enjoys, such as almonds, chocolate, tea or gourmet coffee. Tuck in a few fun items, such as lottery tickets or useful items such as a sheet of "Forever" postage stamps.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular gift, allowing the receiver to get just what she wants. Before buying a gift card for an older person, make sure it is for a retailer that she uses. Grocery store gift cards are a hit, but choose one from the grocery store where she shops. Gift tokens for the movies, favourite hairdresser or restaurant are also gifts she can use and enjoy. Just as with the grocery store, choose a gift token from a restaurant she patronises. If she doesn't drive at night, a gift token or card for a breakfast or lunch restaurant would be preferred over a dinner house.